Pet Geriatric Care

Our ability to recognize and manage pain, anxiety, hygiene, and other signs that may affect quality of life has advanced in recent years. Vets for Pets is the best Geriatric pet care clinic in Dubai caring for senior dogs. Just Book an appointment now for better consultation.  


Typical Health Problems

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Being a best pet geriatric care clinic, we offer pain management and mobility support.

Decreased Mobility

Rehabilitation therapy and assistive devices improve movement.

Organ Dysfunction

Early detection through screenings helps manage age-related issues.

Dental Disease

Regular check-ups and cleanings prevent pain and tooth loss in senior dogs, cats and other pets.

Cognitive Dysfunction

We provide strategies and medications for cognitive decline.

Geriatric Care for Pets

Vets for pets can recognize and manage pain, anxiety, hygiene, and other signs that may affect the quality of life of Dogs, cats, and other pets. Just book an appointment to get personalized Pet geriatric care services. 

At Vets For Pets, we provide tailored treatment for senior pets:

Pain Management:
Medications and therapies for arthritis and joint pain.

Dental Care:
Cleanings and extractions to address dental issues.

Mobility Support:
Rehabilitation programs and orthopedic aids for mobility.

Cognitive Support:
Medications and enrichment for cognitive health.

Organ Support:
Monitoring and adjustments to manage organ function.

Nutritional Optimization:
Senior-specific diets and dietary guidance.

Trust us to enhance your pet’s quality of life in their golden years. Contact us for personalized care.

Regular Check-ups: Schedule bi-annual exams to catch issues early.

Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a balanced diet and weight. provide regular, appropriate exercise.

Dental Care: Brush teeth regularly and get professional cleanings.

Enrichment: Stimulate your pet mentally and physically.

Parasite Prevention: Use year-round preventatives.

Monitoring: Watch for changes and report concerns promptly. 

We also provide veterinary ophthalmology and pet dermatology care services. 

Partner with us at VetsforPets for proactive care tailored to your senior pet. Schedule an exam today.

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